Jayson Tatum scores 60, helps Celtics erase 32-point deficit against Spurs

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Jayson Tatum scores 60, helps Celtics erase 32-point deficit against Spurs

The Boston Celtics played a horrible first start but their top star Jayson Tatum delivered a big performance to lead his team to a comeback win over the San Antonio Spurs. The Celtics were down by 32 points in the first and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens' daughter didn't even bother to stay for the second half and see how would the game play out.

But Tatum scored 60 points and the Celtics ended up claiming a 123-120 win over the Spurs. "I would have left at halftime," Stevens said afterward. "I know my daughter left at halftime. She's got stuff to do tomorrow.

There was no reason to stay."

Tatum said it was a 'special day night'

"It was a special night," Tatum said. "Just being around guys, playing with guys you enjoy being around, and are happy for your success ...

we all see the hard work each and every one of us put in every day, so that when someone, myself or whoever it is, has a night like that, just to share that moment with them is special. Just to have your teammates be happy for you means everything."

The Spurs were never the same after claiming a 32-point lead. "It's a matter of experience, mental toughness, understanding that there are a lot of plays and that's what the 48-minute game is all about," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said, in explaining what happened to the Spurs in the second half.

"People are going to make runs. You can't let yourself get down, because if you let it affect you, then all of a sudden transition defense isn't as good. You are not as physical with the half-court defense, you get a little bit sloppy and try to do maybe things too quickly on offense, where the ball was moving before and all of a sudden it stops because their defensive pressure is up.

"So it's a lot of things, we did that. It's a tough, tough lesson, but that's the way it is." Tatum left his teammates impressed. "That boy is destined for greatness," said fellow All-Star Jaylen Brown, who was 5-for-24 on the night but hit the game's biggest shot -- a 3-pointer in the corner with 16.7 seconds to go in overtime that gave Boston the lead for good.

"I couldn't throw a rock into the ocean tonight, and JT carried us to a win, man. He played hard. He led us tonight."