Mavericks go on 28-0 run, demolish Warriors

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Mavericks go on 28-0 run, demolish Warriors

The game between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks was marked by a 28-0 run by the Warriors which decided the winner. The Warriors didn't succeed a point in nine minutes and 38 seconds, while they scored 28 points during that stretch.

In the end, the Warriors ended up beating the Mavericks 133-103. "You want to turn the page," Warriors star Stephen Curry said. "You understand that the Mavs are a talented team -- they get paid to play basketball just like we do and some nights it looks like they get paid more across the board.

So it's just a matter of us trying to remember who we are, remember our identity, not dwell on it too long, and find a way to keep our confidence and who we've shown ourselves to be this last little stretch."

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wanted more from his players

"I'm not that concerned about a nine-minute scoring drought," Warriors coach Kerr said. "I'm concerned about defense. I'm concerned about a level of intensity and preparation and competitiveness.

That's what was missing. I'm the head coach, and I did not have them ready to play, clearly." After Curry hit a three-pointer to give the Warriors a 12-11 lead, their drought started as the Mavericks went on a 28-0 run.

"Biggest game of the year and it was over before it started," Kerr said. "Really, really disappointing. We've got a young team. Of the guys who were out there tonight, I think we have only three guys who were in the playoffs.

Tonight was kind of like a playoff game for Dallas. They lost last night. They knew we were on their heels. "They came out like it was a playoff game, and we came out like it was an exhibition game." A game earlier, the Mavericks lost to the Sacramento Kings 113-106.

"Everybody was pissed off because we didn't play the right way yesterday," said Mavs star Luka Doncic, who had 39 points and eight assists in 28 minutes before sitting out the fourth quarter. "I think that was it."

Meanwhile, Mavericks power forward Maxi Kleber added: "It was the complete opposite from yesterday. It just felt crazy. They couldn't make any shots. We stepped out with the right energy, for sure, but they didn't make any shots, even open ones."