Nets' Kevin Durant drops 33 points in just 28 minutes versus Suns

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Nets' Kevin Durant drops 33 points in just 28 minutes versus Suns

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant returned to the lineup atfter missing three straight sets games and led his team to a 128-119 win over the Phoenix Suns as he dropped 33 points in just 28 minutes played. "It's like riding a bike," Durant said afterward, per ESPN.

"You get your footing right and just get your rhythm going; and I think my teammates did a great job of looking for me all game, and I just wanted to resort back to that work I put in. The shots I work on at practice and shootaround, try to get to those as much as possible to gain my rhythm and then start to get a little more creative as the game progressed.

It was a good start. "Hopefully, I build on this game and keep going." Durant came off the bench with around eight minutes left to play in the second quarter and he played 20 of 24 minutes in the second half. "I just deal with it and adapt to the situation," Durant said.

"Coach asked me today if I wanted to start or come off the bench, and I felt like it would be a bigger challenge for me to focus in and lock in if I came off the bench, so I wanted to see how that worked. If I would've shot bad, I probably would've been pissed I came off the bench, but I was able to knock down some shots.

But it was solid exercise for me to ease back into the swing of things."

The Nets were smart about Durant's minutes

"You think big picture. I'd rather fall behind and have Kevin in the back pocket than go up and have to say, 'OK, Kevin, you're done,' in the third quarter," Nets head coach Steve Nash said.

"I think that's kind of the give-and-take with it, and he's been on board with it; so props to Kevin to being willing to try something like this that I think gives us a chance to be as flexible as we can be under these circumstances."

Nets coach Nash was impressed by Durant's performance against the Suns. "Kevin has shown his scoring doesn't seem to get affected by a long layoff, whether it was coming off the Achilles or coming off the hamstring," Nash said. "He seems to come right back, and his rhythm and timing are excellent. It's very impressive, for sure."