Stephen Curry praises Draymond Green after 19-assist performance

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Stephen Curry praises Draymond Green after 19-assist performance

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry called teammate Draymond Green "the smartest basketball player" he has ever played with after the Warriors big man dished out 19 assists against the Denver Nuggets.

Green had a huge performance and it was the key in the Warriors' 117-98 win over the Nuggets. "When he gets in a groove like that where he's getting everybody involved, and having a Draymond-type night where scoring's not really the difference-maker, it's the way that he does the intangibles," Curry said, per ESPN.

"And then makes everybody better by getting the ball on time, can finish off plays. He's the smartest basketball player I've played with, and it shows in moments and games like tonight where he just finds a way to impact winning in his own way."

Green got into the passing zone

Green believes that passers can also find their rhythm and get into their zone -- just as lethal shooters such as Curry. "Absolutely," Green said. "You definitely can find that zone and feel like you can make any pass.

Some of those crazy-ass passes you see me make, it's like a heat check. You see a guy coming down from 35 feet and heat-checking that thing -- I feel like that with my passes sometimes. "I'm trying to heat check that thing and see if I can get it through a tight gap, but it's fun.

But when you've got guys hitting shots at that rate that guys were hitting shots today -- timely cuts, backdoor cuts, making all the right reads and taking what the defense is giving them." Around 2,000 fans were in the attendance and Curry received MVP chants.

"It was really nice for sure," Curry said. "Considering what we've all been through the last 409 days. That was awesome. Even pulling up, driving around the arena when I got here three hours early, you see all the ushers outside waiting to get in, understanding that they're excited to get back to work.

"Just a little bit different of a buzz inside and outside the arena. I know you got to take it slow and obviously keep everybody safe but ramp up how many people can get in the building and slowly but surely get back to a full, packed house where that energy is second to none.

Us on the floor, we live off of that. You try to bring it when it's an empty arena. You do your best, but it makes such a difference with fans."