Lakers' Anthony Davis: I didn't think about injury one time versus Mavericks

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Lakers' Anthony Davis: I didn't think about injury one time versus Mavericks

Los Angeles Lakers star big man Anthony Davis returned to the court on Thursday night after a two-month absence and insisted he didn't think about his injury "one time tonight." Davis, who suffered a calf strain and Achilles tendinosis in his right leg in February, played in only the first half of the game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Davis posted four points, four rebounds, one assists, one block and one steal as the Mavericks beat the Lakers 115-110. "I didn't think about it one time tonight," Davis said of his injury afterward, per ESPN.

"Honestly, I just went out there and played. I think it can limit what you do if you're out there thinking about your injury, so I just went out and played and not think about it. Just go out there and have fun and be excited to be back on the floor.

That was my main thing. I was just excited to be back on the floor with the guys, so I never thought about it. I never did a limit to any moves. Wasn't hesitant with anything, so that was a good sign for me."

Davis felt 'fine' afterward

Davis didn't log in big minutes but most importantly he felt fine on the court after returning from a long layoff.

"I felt fine," Davis said. "My wind felt better than expected. I got good looks. I missed. That comes with time and being able to get those game reps. But I felt good out there. I felt really good. And could do some things that could give the team a little juice."

New Lakers center Andre Drummond enjoyed playing alongside Davis for the first time. "Being on the same court as AD has freed the game up for me a lot to do some of the things that I'm very good at, which is rebounding," said Drummond, who finished with 14 points and 19 rebounds.

"The focus is all on him. When he gets the ball, all five eyes are at him, but not only are they doing that, they're leaving the best rebounder in the NBA wide open. Any shot he misses, I'm right there to clean it up."

Lakers coach Frank Vogel was also thrilled to have Davis back. "It was great to have him back in a Lakers uniform and on the floor for us," Vogel said. "He had a little bit of rust, but I thought he played extremely well.

And we're super excited to have him back out there. ... Even though we lost, it was a really positive night for the Lakers in terms of where we're going."