Stephen Curry's run of at least 30 points ends on Wednesday

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Stephen Curry's run of at least 30 points ends on Wednesday

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry scored only 18 points against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night and hia run of 11 consecutive games with 30 or more points ended. Curry shot 7-for-25 from the field, made only two of his 14 three-point attempts as the Washington Wizards beat the Warriors 118-114.

"It was a great run," Curry said after the game, per ESPN. "It was something that hadn't been done before. It was going to end at some point. Now you got to start another one. So it's just a matter of the next-play mentality.

Just try to get rejuvenated when we go home -- to do it home, road, some big games, put a streak together. It was a special ride, for sure. And never really get too hyped up on individual streaks or accolades like that. There were some historical names that I was able to pass.

And doing something at this age was pretty special."

Curry recently led the Warriors to four consecutive wins

"Peaking at the right time," Curry said when asked why he has maintained such a high level of play over the past month.

"Usually, the trend of our seasons, or my seasons, getting better as each game goes, so I'm glad this season's no different. Just trying to continue to get better and build that confidence of playing my best basketball towards the end of the season.

The Warriors entered the Wizards game as the sight favorites but still ended up suffering a tight loss. "I thought the Wizards played well defensively," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said. "Did some good things to get the ball out of Steph's hands.

But nothing that Steph hasn't seen before. I thought we were gassed. I thought that included Steph and everybody -- we just didn't look like we had our legs out there tonight." Fans will be allowed into arena when the Warriors host the Denver Nuggets this Friday.

"We're going to enjoy the atmosphere," Curry said. "It's definitely noticeable if you have even just 1,000 fans in the seats. It makes a huge difference in the atmosphere -- and, obviously, at Chase, we had three-quarters of a season opening up a new building and then getting shut down [because of the pandemic].

And we've had a whole season now where we haven't had any fans, so you're kind of sick of looking at the blue tarp. You want to see some bodies in there, and we're going to enjoy the atmosphere."