Malone: "We all pray for Jamal Murray to recover as soon as possible"

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Malone: "We all pray for Jamal Murray to recover as soon as possible"

The second consecutive defeat will not hurt the Denver Nuggets as much as the injury of Jamal Murray could potentially. One of the best players in the Colorado franchise suffered a potentially devastating left knee injury after a non-contact game away to Golden State, and to make matters worse - it all happened just 50 seconds before the time expired!

The American media described the injury as "brutal", and the circumstances in which the injury occurred indicate that the Canadian national team member could take a longer, several-month break. Maybe even until the beginning of next season ...

Murray injured his knee as he started to take two steps, with the intention of placing the ball on the hoop. He stayed in the air just a moment before he ended up on the floor, being in pain. He was on the floor for a few minutes before he managed to go to the locker room with the help of two members of the professional staff.

The medical teams took out the wheelchair, which he refused, and he left the field practically on one leg, without intending to burden his left knee. The details of the injury are still unknown, but coach Michael Malone gave a brief explanation immediately after the game.

"The coaches who watched the video say it's hyperextension ... If it is, it's really terrible pain. We all pray for Jamal to recover as soon as possible and for the MRI news to be good," Malone said. Murray will perform an MRI scan on Monday, after which it will be clearer what the degree of injury is and how much recovery awaits him.

Malone on the injury

"The locker room was very depressed because of his injury. Yes, we lost the game, but everyone was with Jamal in their thoughts ", admitted Malone. Denver won 17 of 20 games before suffering two consecutive defeats, first to Boston at home and then to Golden State on the side for two nights in a row.

Murray had a lot of problems with injuries this season, but he also scored 21.3 points to 47.7 percent of the game and 40.8 percent for three points, and 4.8 assists. These are the best numbers of his career. Until the game with Golden State, he was on a break in matches against Detroit, twice San Antonio, and Boston, also due to injury.

Let us remind you, in last year's playoffs, he completely exploded and together with Nikola Jokić, he led Denver to the conference finals. In the playoffs, he averaged 26.5 points, 6.6 final passes and 4.8 rebounds in 19 games.