Clippers' Paul George: I'm locked in, Suns can do the chirping

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Clippers' Paul George: I'm locked in, Suns can do the chirping

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George revealed that for the second time this season he was a target of trash-talking during a game against the Pheonix Suns. However, George delivered a big performance on Thursday night as he dropped 33 points to lead the Clippers past the Suns 113-103.

"We focused on us," George said when asked about the Suns. "I don't know what that chirp is about. We focused on us. I don't care what they're doing over there. I don't care who they are or what they're doing.

"I'm locked in. They can do the chirping, I let them have it tonight. I just stayed in my zone, stayed in my place, I don't know. ... I don't care what they're doing. We're focused on us over here. We're focused on getting better.

Tonight was a fun matchup, and we appreciate the challenge."

The Suns trash-talked George earlier this season

When the Suns hosted the Clippers in early-January, they claimed a win and after the game George said he was a target of trash-talking.

"I don't talk, I play my game," George said at the time. "For whatever reason, it's dudes talking. Like, never heard people talking [before], and it's never been directed towards me but for some reason it's a lot of mouth.

And it's fine. I got to play up to that. "I'll go through the fire. It's fine. As long as we come out on top, we win and I am helping my team win. That's all that matters. Save the rest, they can do what they want.

I'm locked in and it's more so about me being at peace and at ease." When asked about it, Clippers head coach Ty Lue wasn't particularly concerned. "I don't have any concerns," Clippers coach Ty Lue said of the contentiousness between both teams on Thursday.

"I love it. When you are competing at a high level against one of the best teams in the league, do what you go to do to win. And I thought our guys were physical. We competed, we fought." Lue, a former NBA player, acknowledged there will be games where trash-talking happens.

"There are going to be games like this where it is going to be chippy," Lue added. "They are fighting for something, we are fighting for something, so it is going to happen and I am OK with it."