Warriors HC Steve Kerr not ready to write off rookie center James Wiseman

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Warriors HC Steve Kerr not ready to write off rookie center James Wiseman

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has acknowledged that James Wiseman has had a tough rookie season but he is confident that the rookie center will get better. The Warriors used their No. 2 pick on Wiseman but so far he hasn't managed to perform on the way he had been expected to.

"I think it's important not to automatically assume that minutes equal development," Kerr said after practice on Monday, per ESPN. "I think development also includes observation from the sidelines, earning time, earning minutes.

If there are mistakes made in the previous game, let's work on those mistakes. And if we correct those then we get more playing time; if we don't correct them then we get less playing time. So it can't just be throw him out there and let him go for 30 minutes because frankly he's not ready for that.

"And I think it's just all part of the process and no matter how we look at it, James just needs time. He's going to need a summer league and a training camp next year. And he's going to grow, he's going to get better and better and he's going to be a great player.

But we just can't force the issue."

Wiseman's defensive woes keeping him from more minutes

Wiseman has shown flashes of his big talent over the court of the season but coach Kerr has admitted that the center's errors on the defensive end are keeping him from more minutes.

"I would say so," Kerr said. "He's been pretty good offensively for the most part. I thought the Toronto game was more an outlier. No Steph, no Draymond and for whatever reason we got completely destroyed, and I don't think that game made any of us look good, myself included.

So if you take that game out and you just look game to game you can see James -- he'll have his moments offensively where you can really see it. "Defensively, is really the key though, there's just so much to learn.

So much ground to cover. Transition defense in particular, he's got to improve upon, all these things, they're just going to have to come gradually because it's just too much for a young guy to absorb it all in one span of a few months.

But he's coming along, and as I've said many times, he's just a great kid and very coachable and I'm really excited about his future."