Clippers' Paul George, Marcus Morris Sr. praise new teammate Rajon Rondo

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Clippers' Paul George, Marcus Morris Sr. praise new teammate Rajon Rondo

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George is thrilled to have experienced point guard Rajon Rondo on the team. Rondo, who was acquired at the trade deadline, debuted for the Clippers on Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers. Rondo had only two points, one rebound and three assists but there was no need from him to deliver a big performance as the Clippers easily beat the Lakers 104-86.

"I think we can reserve more energy," George said of how he and Kawhi Leonard can benefit from Rondo, per ESPN. "I relate it to the relationship I have with Russ. Russ created a lot of closeout situations for me.

And so it'll be the same thing with Rondo. Rondo can get to the middle of the paint, he can make plays. And a lot of times, he's going to create closeout situations for us. "Rondo's a leader, you know the point guard, he's a leader.

We're going to listen to him. I look at him as a leader, a leader of this group. He'll hold a lot of weight. He holds a lot of weight in the locker room. As he gets more comfortable within our system, getting games under his feet, he'll hold us accountable.

That's what you need in the locker room, somebody that's going to say what needs to be said and get us going."

Rondo still analyzing things

"I can't dissect it that quickly," Rondo said, when asked if he could identify the areas the Clippers need to improve to win it all.

"Obviously, I want to be around and continue to learn my teammates, learn what the coach asks of us as players. I can't really say exactly, pinpoint one thing that needs to be done here. I want to come here, help this team out as much as possible, lead in every way that's possible, and obviously we have one common goal."

Marcus Morris Sr, who scored 22 points, is also happy to have Rondo on the team. "He's going to be a key piece to our run," said Morris. "It's going to help us tremendously. It's going to help our superstars by getting them easier shots and getting them in their spots and even defensively just knowing where to be.

"He played with my brother [Markieff Morris] last year, and my brother had nothing but good things to say about him as a teammate. So we're just excited to get him, and I think he's really going to be a big factor in us trying to hang that banner."