Warriors HC Steve Kerr: Loss to Raptors was humiliating

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Warriors HC Steve Kerr: Loss to Raptors was humiliating

The Golden State Warriors got absolutely blown out on Friday night as the Toronto Raptors claimed a 130-77 win over them and afterward Warriors head coach Steve Kerr described it as a ''humiliating defeat.' ' "You saw it," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after the 130-77 loss, per ESPN.

"We just got destroyed. Not a whole lot to be said. Humiliating for everybody involved." However, it should be noted that the Warriors were playing without starting guard Stephen Curry, starting forward Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, who is out for the season.

"Our team has been built on sharing the ball," Kerr said. "When you move the ball in this game, that's when the magic happens, when you build an energy, a karma, the shots tend to go in if you move the ball and you share it.

And I just saw one possession after another tonight that was one pass and a shot. We've got to play for each other, and I didn't think we did that tonight."

'A hard pill to swallow' for the Warriors

"It's a hard pill for them to swallow," Warriors' Bazemore said of the Warriors' missing three core players.

"We're talking about -- and Klay is back there as well, these guys [have] five straight Finals appearances. This is by any means not acceptable by them at all. This hurts them more than anything. Klay was fired up after the game.

And this has been the toughest two years watching his guys out there, and him not being able to help. So I think it's lit a fire up under him, and Steph and Draymond, they know how important they are to us." James Wiseman, who was taken at No.

2 in this past NBA draft by the Warriors, had nine points, five rebounds and two assists. "As a young player, a lot of guys try to do too much," Kerr said. "I think that's what's happening with James right now.

I think he's such a gifted guy, and he's always been able to do whatever he wanted on the floor, but the NBA, the game happens so fast that you just have to sort of strip it down to 'let's be good at the things that I can be good at right now and then my game will expand as we go forward.'

And that's what we're trying to share with James and teach him. "But the only way to learn that is to feel it, and he's feeling it. So he will grow from here and we'll stay positive with him, we'll try to peel things back and keep things really simple and help him build his confidence over the last quarter of the season."