Lakers' LeBron James notes it will take time for team to return to championship form

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Lakers' LeBron James notes it will take time for team to return to championship form

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James acknowledges that the team returning to championship form won't happen overnight as he has stressed that the team has to remain patient and continue to work hard. The Lakers, who have clinched the top place of the Western Conference with a 51-18 record, were playing an outstanding basketball just before the NBA season was shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NBA season restarted last week in Orlando and so far the Lakers have looked far away from the team that was dominating the league earlier this year. The Lakers have managed to clinch the top spot in the Western Conference but their form -- which has seen them win two and lose four games so far in the bubble -- is a sign of a concern for Laker fans.

"Only time will tell. I don’t really have expectations right now,” James said, per Lakers Nation. “We want to continue to get better and better, use these games to try and gear up for the postseason. But this is a different situation and circumstance.

We’ve been out four and a half months, and you hope we can pick it right back up, but obviously it’s going to take some time. “We also added two new guys that are going to be in the rotation with JR and Dion, so they’re learning on the fly.

It’s all about the process, all about getting back into rhythm and timing, and go from there. Every game is an opportunity for us to get better”.

James admits being far away from his family is tough

Staying in the bubble is a huge mental challenge for all players as they all have to collectively sacrifice a lot to ensure the season finishes on the safest possible way.

"Obviously, being away from your family is an unbelievable sacrifice we’re all making, and it’s very difficult. We have road games, when we go to the West Coast or East Coast, you have 11-day road trips of five or six games,” James said.

“And sometimes when you play in the Olympics, you can be away from your family because you’re traveling from country to country. But nothing has ever compared to this. It’s a huge sacrifice we’re all making.

I miss the hell out of my family, my wife, my kids, my mother and so on. It’s a huge challenge to be able to stay locked in”.