LeBron James tattoos the crown to his tattoo artist!

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LeBron James tattoos the crown to his tattoo artist!

LeBron James tattoos the crown to his tattoo artist! The crown crown of King LeBron is now also on the wrist of Ganga, the stage name of the founder and CEO of the Ganga Tattoo Studio, the place where the yellow-violet no.

23 adds new ink. To his already heavily tattooed body. For once, however the roles were reversed, and it was LeBron James (needle in hand) who tattooed his crown on Ganga's wrist. !I can't even express the sense of gratitude I feel when people I've admired for so long trust my work.

I can only thank everyone, and remember that we are only at the beginning. Thanks @kingjames for this opportunity, it's an honor to have the crown tattooed directly by the King," we can read on Instagram. Below the entire Instagram post: "Can’t express how grateful I am to see people I’ve been admiring for so long trust my work, feeling truly blessed and the only thing I can say is thank you all, this is just getting started.

Thanks @kingjames for this opportunity, it’s an honor to have the crown tattooed by the king. I do not keep form de expresar lo agradecido que me siento al ver como people a la que admiro desde hace so much time confía en mi trabajo, me siento verdadamente bendecido y solo puedo daros las gracias por todo, esto acaba de empezar.

Muchas gracias @kingjames for the opportunity, it is an honor llevar la corona tatuada por el rey."

Vanessa Bryant revealed the cops who released the photos of dead Kobe

Almost 14 months after the tragic accident in Calabasas, the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and the other 7 passengers aboard the helicopter there is still something which are happening.

Enraged by the discovery that some LAPD officers would take, and then circulate, photos of the victims and the scene of the accident, Vanessa Bryant posted the names of the four on her Instagram account. The agents responsible for this ignoble gesture.

That their identity could be made public is the result of a previous lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's and Fire departments filed by Ms. Bryant herself. Having obtained the ok from the court, the social post has arrived (indeed, a series of posts, 12) in which the names of the agents are highlighted in a red box (Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell and Raul Versales ).

Mejia, in particular, is accused of having taken and saved on his personal mobile phone from 25 to 100 photos (subject, in some cases, the charred bodies of the victims) and then having sent them to Cruz, guilty of having forwarded them to Russell, who even later showed them to a Norwalk bar owner.

Both Russell and Versales are then accused of further showing the photos in question to police personnel who had nothing to do with the investigation into the January 26, 2020 incident. On the actions of these 4 LAPD officers, will now have to pronounce a court.