Lakers' Andre Drummond: Defense will be crazy when LeBron James, Anthony Davis return

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Lakers' Andre Drummond: Defense will be crazy when LeBron James, Anthony Davis return

Newly acquired Los Angeles Lakers center Andre Drummond believes the team's potential on the defensive end will be sky high with him alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. James and Davis -- the Lakers' top two stars -- have been out for some time as they are recovering from their respective injuries.

"I think our defense is going to be really crazy when those guys come back," Drummond said on Monday during his introductory videoconference, as revealed on ESPN. "And I'm looking forward to it." After the Cleveland Cavaliers and Drummond agreed he would not continue his career with the team, he didn't suit up for the team anymore.

Drummond's last game as a Cavalier on February 12. "It's been almost a month [and] 10-plus days since I last played. You can imagine the hunger and excitement I have to play and step on the court," Drummond said.

"I had an incredible month of work where I'm ready to play today."

Drummond keeps it humble

Drummond will likely be a starter with the Lakers but he underlined that his only concern is helping the team win basketball games.

"I'm not here to steal nobody's shine," Drummond said when asked if he would start. "I'm here to help this team win as many games as possible. "My defensive game is going to help this team out a lot with my quick feet, quick hands.

Going to be able to recover and play 1 through 5. "I think for me coming here, AD could slide to the 4 and play his true position and be very good at it without taking all the bumps and bruises I do at the 5.' ' In 2011, Drummond tweeted that he would love to play with James.

"For it to come back full circle and have the opportunity to do it," Drummond said, "it's just crazy how time works." After the Lakers acquired Drummond, team head coach Frank Vogel was thrilled to have the center on his roster.

"We're all thrilled to add Andre Drummond, a player of his caliber, to our team," Vogel said following the Lakers' 96-93 win over the visiting Orlando Magic on Sunday night. "He's one of the best centers in the league, someone that every defensive coordinator is going to have to account for and to figure out how to handle him when they're trying to slow down [Anthony Davis] and [LeBron James] and our guards.