Celtics hoping Evan Fournier will boost confidence and optimism into team

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Celtics hoping Evan Fournier will boost confidence and optimism into team

The Boston Celtics haven't had a great season so far but they hope the addition of Evan Fournier will give the team a much needed optimism and confidence. The Celtics, who entered the season as contenders for the NBA title, have been playing below their level this season and they have a 21-23 record and they are sitting at No.

8 on the Eastern Conference standings. "I talk to [coach Brad Stevens] mostly every day. I talk to the players. I'm around the team, in the locker rooms, and I can just sense a feeling of discouragement and frustration, like would happen with any team that feels like it is playing below what it can play," Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said on Friday morning, per ESPN.

"So it's not any one incident or any one personality, but there's a difference when things are going really well and when things aren't. "But when you're not living up to your expectations, the opportunity for discouragement and frustration creeps in, and I think that happens with every team.

It's happened with every team I've been associated with. And so there is optimism and we get our team together and we have team meetings and film sessions and we go on a little run, but we're not able to sustain it.

"I just hope that by adding another veteran player that's a versatile shooter with size and versatility, that's just going to give us a jolt."

The Celtics have big expectations from Fournier

Fournier is a versatile guard and so far this season he has been averaging 19.7 points.

"I also feel an obligation to more than just [that]," Ainge said. "We're dealing with people here. And I feel like we're trying to get better all the time -- every trade deadline, every offseason. And I felt like there was an opportunity.

And we felt like there was more than one opportunity, but some of them didn't work out. "But with Evan in particular, I thought that this opportunity was unique. And to add a player of his caliber, we've talked often about shooting with size, here's a 6-7 kid that is a good shooter, can playmake, can handle the ball.

Just another creator for us. And a very consistent player. And we're excited to add him. I think it is a good use of our [trade exception]."