Raptors' Kyle Lowry: Kind of weird knowing I could get traded

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Raptors' Kyle Lowry: Kind of weird knowing I could get traded

Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry admitted it was kind of weird playing against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday and not knowing what will be his next career step. Lowry, who has been a Raptor since 2012, will likely be moved before Thursday's 3 p.m.

ET NBA trade deadline. "It was kind of weird tonight not knowing what the next step would be, just with understanding there are things that could possibly be done," Lowry said. "It was different tonight, for sure.

"I mean, who knows what's going to happen? No one knows what's going to happen. But it was definitely, for sure, different."

Lowry has become a fan favorite in Toronto during his tenure

"Well, I think if you go back, [then-Raptors general manager] Bryan Colangelo traded for me to become -- unfortunately they missed out on Steve Nash -- and he traded me to become the point guard," Lowry said, referring to the trade that took him to Toronto from Houston in 2012.

"The trade was made for me to be given the keys. And honestly, like, you know, I wanted to take advantage of it. "I think it just, it more so clicked on the fact that like, you know, they believed in me, right, the organization believed in me from top to bottom ...

everybody, from top to bottom, they believed in me and what I could do as an individual player and as a leader, so I think that really would help, you know, kind of, you know, click everything, put everything together."

Lowry scored eight points, had five rebounds and nine assists in a comfortable 135-111 win over the Nuggets. "I haven't been watching SportsCenter, to be honest," Raptors' Norman Powell said. "I really don't see a lot of stuff.

I mean, it's weird around me. I feel like, with some people in the organization I'm always being asked what can happen, this, that and the other. But I tell them the same thing every single day. Some of the people in the organization, our medical staff were emotional and things like that, and I'm telling them to relax and calm down.

"But it's a business. You build connections with people. ... It doesn't really bother me any type of way. Whatever happens, I can't speak on emotions that aren't here right now. I'm going to wait and see like everybody else."