Lakers' LeBron James talks playing NBA basketball in bubble

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Lakers' LeBron James talks playing NBA basketball in bubble

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has acknowledged that his team has to continue to work hard as, despite securing the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, there is still a long way to winning the title. The NBA season resumed on July 30 at the Walt Disney World in Orlando and virtually there will be no home court advantage in the upcoming NBA playoffs.

The Lakers were playing an outstanding basketball before the season got suspended on March 11 due to the coronavirus outbreak. "This is a totally different situation than any other situation I’ve been in during my career,” James said following the loss against the Toronto Raptors, as quoted on Lakers Nation.

“So I have zero experience with having the No. 1 seed inside a bubble, during seeding games, playing in August. This is a learning experience for all of us and we’re going to continue to take it day by day. “We’ve been out four and a half months, and we played great basketball before the layoff.

We implemented a couple guys into the system who have not been with us the whole season, we lost two of our guys — one is not making the trip at all — and with Rondo being hurt, he was a big part of our nucleus.

“We’re just trying to fit everybody in, try to do it on the fly, and at the same time get our legs back underneath us, get our system back in place, try to speed up the process for guys who haven’t been with us in Dion and JR”.

James confident his team will figure it all out

The Lakers have won two and lost three games since the NBA season resumed. James claims the Lakers are a hard-working team and he believes they will be fine once time comes for the NBA postseason.

"When you put in the work, you’re OK with the result, no matter make or miss. We’ve all put in the work,” he added. “I know my guys have put in the work and I know I’ve put in the work. Make or miss, you can be OK with the results.

“It’s only when you do not put in the time or commit to the game, put in the time to your body and things of that nature, when you can start second guessing or saying, ‘What is going on?’ When you put in the hours or the reps, you don’t worry about it too much. You just continue to go after it”.