Knicks' Julius Randle held back by teammates from confronting referee

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Knicks' Julius Randle held back by teammates from confronting referee

New York Knicks big man Julius Randle was extremely frustrated after the Brooklyn Nets as he had to be held back by his teammates from confronting referee Scott Foster. In the final seconds of the game against the Nets, veteran referee Foster called a travel on Randle and the Knicks ended up losing 117-112.

"It was a conversation, but I think it's just best that I just don't comment on the situation," Randle said afterward, per ESPN. "There was a lot of frustration behind it, and -- I mean from both sides -- so I'll just let it be in the past and move on to the next game.

"It was just frustrating. Obviously, we fought so hard to come back and try to win the game. So I was just frustrated. And that was pretty much it. But we have another opportunity to go at it tomorrow. So just focus on that."

Randle explains what happened on the criticial possession

"We had a play designed, obviously, and I thought Ky was going to come up and foul right away, so I tried to go a little bit quicker," Randle said. "But the play happened -- whatever happened is what it is, and it's in the past."

Randle finished the game with 33 points, 12 rebounds and six assists. "I was either gonna foul early, but I saw him lining up for a jump shot," said Nets guard Kyrie Irving, who led all scorers with 34 points. "I felt I could get a good hand on it.

Scott called travel. I thought Julius made a good play afterwards putting it down. I was gonna foul him after that just to get him to the free throw line. "That's how it looked. That's how it went." Irving understood Randle's frustration.

"I think as players we feel it naturally," Irving, who was a Nets fan growing up in Northern New Jersey, said of the rivalry between the Knicks and Nets. "But obviously, being from here, it's a little bit of a different sentiment, because I got to go home and actually be around Knicks and Nets fans.

It's my family. So, it's basketball, it's competition. It's a world sport. So, it's just nothing but respect. But obviously, you want to come out here and just have fun going against the New York Knicks. They've been playing well this season. It's a well-coached team, and just appreciate the opportunity."