Lakers' LeBron James ready to lift his game in second half of NBA season

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Lakers' LeBron James ready to lift his game in second half of NBA season

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James insists he is well rested and absolutely ready to go after the All-Star break. James, who turned 36 last December, is still going strong despite his age as he is an MVP candidate this season.

James, who signed with the Lakers in the summer of 2018, led the Purple and Gold to winning their first NBA championships since 2010. This season, the Lakers own a 24-13 record and they sit at No. 3 in the Western Conference standings.

"It's go time," James told reporters on a video conference call Thursday before the Lakers' first practice since the break ended. "It's time to get prepared and making that turnaround, that last lap going into the postseason.

... I'm not into looking ahead saying, 'OK, let's take this off, take that off.' "Nah, it's go time for me."

James timing his form for the second part of the season

James usually lifts his game to another level in the second half of the season, especially when the time comes for the playoffs.

James has been averaging 25.8 points, eight rebounds and 7.8 assists so far this season. "I kind of use the first half of the season as being in gear 1, 2 and 3, and then in the second half being in more like 4, 5, 6, and then when the playoffs start you're in 7," James said.

"And that's kind of the way I've always kind of adjusted over the last few years of my career, really just ramping up more, more and more as the months go on as the games go on going into the playoffs."

Meanwhile, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel revealed the team is planning to get another look at center Damion Jones. "I want to see more of what he did," Vogel said of Jones. "I thought he played well for us. He plays the role of a lob threat.

Don't try to play outside of that lane offensively. "To be a screener and a rebounder and a lob threat offensively, and defensively, to be able to man the middle, to be a shot-blocker, to play in our pick-and-roll coverages, and obviously to rebound the ball and match up with other teams' bigger centers is what we asked of him last week. I thought he did well with it, and we'll continue to look at that over these next 10 days."