Donovan Mitchell on quarantine: Parents put me down in basement with blanket and Xbox

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Donovan Mitchell on quarantine: Parents put me down in basement with blanket and Xbox

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell spent his 14-day isolation the basement of his parents and everything he had was a blanket and an Xbox. On March 11, just hours after Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, NBA commissioner Adam Silver suspended the league and all members of the Jazz team were tested.

The only test that came back as positive was the one of Mitchell, who was showing no symptoms at the time. Luckily for Mitchell, his recovery process from the coronavirus went smooth but he admitted there was fear. "When I tested positive myself, I was in full isolation at my mom’s house in Connecticut.

They put me down in the basement with a blanket and an Xbox. No windows. No fresh air. Full-on vampire mode. My mom would leave a plate of food at the top of the stairs for me, and I’d crack the door open and snatch the plate and a beam of sunlight would hit me like … I don’t even know … like I was Count Chocula or something," Mitchell said in his contribution post for The Players Tribune.

"I was down there for two weeks, just waiting. Just hoping that I wouldn’t wake up the next day showing symptoms. And the weirdest part was that I guess I was like Patient Zero or whatever, so my mom was telling me that there were cars camped outside the house 24/7.

What they were looking for, I don’t know. Meanwhile I’m down in the bunker playing Call of Duty.

Mitchell never showed any symptoms

"Thank God that I turned out to be asymptomatic, but every single night when I tried to fall asleep, my mind would go to some really interesting places.

There’s only so much 2K you can play to squash the anxiety. Once your head hits the pillow, it’s just you and all these thoughts that you’ve been ignoring for the last few years, when it was go, go, go."

Mitchell used the isolation time to reflect on certain things in life and see how he can get better. "That time allowed me to really take a hard look at my life. It allowed me to think about who I want to be. Not as an NBA player, but as a human being.

And a big part of that for me is to be honest about how I feel about what’s going on in this country, no matter how certain people may feel about it," Mitchell added.