Jazz's Donovan Mitchell: I don't really care about LeBron James' comments

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Jazz's Donovan Mitchell: I don't really care about LeBron James' comments

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell insists he absolutely "does not care" about the comments Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James made after the NBA All Star draft. Jazz's Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were the last two players selected in the NBA All Star draft and four-time NBA champion James later explained the situation.

"I just want to say something, because there's no slander to the Utah Jazz," James said with a smile. "But you guys got to understand, just like in video games growing up, we never played with Utah. Even as great as Karl Malone and John Stockton were, we never would have picked those guys.

Never." Before the All Star Game, Mitchell was asked about James' comments. “I don’t want to be rude but I really don’t care...," Mitchell said, per Sarah Todd of the Deseret News. "People have been talking s--t about me for a while...we’re not doing this to seek the approval of him”.

Mitchell frustrated with officiating

In their last game before the All Star Weekend, the Jazz suffered a 131-123 overtime loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. "First off, you know, give the 76ers credit. They played a hard game.

Joel [Embiid] did what he does, and at the end of the day, they're a good team. We competed. But it's tough. It's tough to go out there and see how we fight and compete, and to have a game like that taken from us," Mitchell said, per ESPN.

"Now, I'm never ever one to blame a ref, to blame an official -- I can say I could have done more -- but this is getting out of hand. There have been games like this that we've won, there have been games like this that we've lost.

But this whole refereeing stuff. ... We're nice, we don't complain, like, we don't get frustrated, we fight through things, and the fact that we continually get ... screwed, in a way, by this. You know? "We won this game, in my personal opinion.

You know? But like I said, I'm going to give them credit. They won. Whatever. Cool. But it's been a consistent thing, and the question is, 'Can we do it? Can we sustain it? Are we for real No. 1? And, yeah the hell we are. And it's getting f---ing ridiculous, that this is what is happening."