Gordon Hayward will leave Orlando bubble for the birth of his child

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Gordon Hayward will leave Orlando bubble for the birth of his child

Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics has already announced that in September he will leave the Disney World bubble in Orlando, Florida, to stay close to his wife Robyn, on the occasion of the birth of the fourth child: "The decision is simple, there are more important things in life," he said.

Utah Jazz's Mike Conley is also in the same situation. There are those who will go to Orlando and other who will not, such as injured players or players with personal problems. There are those who, while going there, will not take the field, like Victor Oladipo.

And there are also those who already know that at some point of the season will have to come out for a few days. Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics will leave his team in September to stay close to his wife Robyn, expecting his fourth child in those days.

In an interview the Celtics Small Forward explained: "When it happens, I will be with her. The decision is simple: I was present at the birth of all my daughters, there are more important things in life. I know that the NBA has a protocol for events like this, so I hope to be able to observe the quarantine and the tests in the right times, to be able to get back on time with my teammates.

In this stressful period she was incredible. Robyn took care of our daughters and same time as I was trying to stay fit for the season. All while pregnant. Leaving my girls is going to be really hard and sad for me. By now they're big enough to figure out what's going on and that I'm going to have to stay away for a while.

But the opportunity to play for the title is something every player wants to do: we want to go to Orlando and finish what we've worked for all year."

The NBA protocols for the Orlando bubble

The protocol states that if an authorized player leaves the bubble for less than seven days and is negative for each day spent outside the bubble, on his return he must observe only four days of quarantine.

For those not-authorized, however, the minimum days to be observed are ten. Utah Jazz's Mike Conley is also in a similar situation, whose son is expected to be born on August 27th. The schedule calls for the playoffs to begin on August 17th for the first round, so it's possible that Conley may miss the final games of the series, in which the Utah Jazz will be engaged.

If, however, the Boston Celtics manage to advance to the second round or to the conference finals, in September Hayward will necessarily have to skip a few games to stay close to his wife, in Indianapolis. Hayward also talked about left foot pain injured three years ago: I would like to know why it still hurts me every now and then, I guess it's still tied to the injured old man.

During the break I kept the shape I had, resting but without giving up completely. Things are going well, without a doubt I feel fine, it is only the foot that hurts a little. "