Zion Williamson puts great numbers against Bulls but feels like he let team down

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Zion Williamson puts great numbers against Bulls but feels like he let team down

New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson wasn't happy with his performance against the Chicago Bulls so he returned to the court after the game to take extra shots. Williamson finished the game with 28 points, nine rebounds and five assists but still it wasn't enough as the Chicago Bulls beat the Pelicans 128-124.

Williamson shot 16 free throws but made only eight of them and his two missed free throws down the stretch costed the Pelicans. "Y'all saw the game, man," Williamson said, per ESPN. Williamson put up great numbers against the Bulls but still he felt like he "let his team down"

"I really felt like I let my team down, man," Williamson said. "It's like I tell y'all, I never want to let them down. All those free throws, it can't go down like that. I gotta be better in those situations.

If I want to be one of those great players, I gotta take a lot of responsibility and be ready for those moments. Right after the game, I just felt like I had to go back on the court and find my flow."

Williamson admitted he was overthinking a bit

"I do feel like I was overthinking it," Williamson said.

"I feel like when I missed the first two, I started to think maybe I'm doing a lot of things wrong. I probably talk to Fred [Vinson] and Fred would probably say, 'Oh, you didn't load correctly,' or, 'You didn't follow through properly.'

That's Fred. I think I did overthink it when it was probably just one small thing and it probably would've went in." The Pelicans now own a 15-20 record and they sit at No. 10 on the Western Conference standings.

"For us right now, our offense is fine," Williamson said. "But we just, we gotta play great defense for four quarters. We have our moments where we play great for 3½ some games or we'll play great for four, but tonight we started off the game slow.

"That was really the tone-setter. I know we hear it a lot with our defense, but we gotta do it. I still do feel like we're close to it. It's the NBA. Winning's not easy. But I trust my teammates and my coaches, and we're going to find it and we'll figure it out."