Lakers' LeBron James: You have to self-motivate yourself every day

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Lakers' LeBron James: You have to self-motivate yourself every day

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has acknowledged that it has been an extremely difficult season so far both mentally and physically. After winning the NBA title last season, the Lakers had a short time to rest as the new season started just two months after the last ended.

“It’s been extremely tough. You have to literally self-motivate yourself every single day,” James said, per Lakers Nation. “It’s very tough, because you’re playing every other day if not back-to-back.

There’s not much downtime, so you have to motivate yourself. “Being here in California, us, Sac., the Clips and G.S., we don’t have the luxury of having fans right now. It’s very challenging. You’ve just got to have that self-discipline and self-motivation to know that you’re going out there and have to use your teammates and yourself to get the energy”.

James set to rest

James is set to miss the Lakers' game against the Sacramento Kings as for the first time this season he has been given a rest. “I think in both of these two games [win over Portland and loss to Washington], that’s something we’re trying to get accomplished where ‘Bron doesn’t have to do as much within his minutes,” Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said.

“That he can play off the ball more, we wanted him to play in the post a little bit more tonight, and have either Alex or Dennis — and Talen at times — initiating the offense, just lightening that load a little bit.

I thought it paid dividends”. The Lakers will be without superstar big man Anthony Davis and the pressure is on James to deliver for the Purple and Gold. "I think this whole narrative of 'LeBron needs more rest' or I should take more rest or I should take time here, it's become a lot bigger than what it actually is," James said recently.

"I've never talked about it, I don't talk about it, I don't believe in it. We all need more rest, s---. This is a fast turnaround from last season, and we all wish we could have more rest. But I'm here to work, I'm here to punch my clock in and be available to my teammates.

"And if I'm hurt or if I'm not feeling well, then we can look at it then. But I have nothing but honest people [advising me], but I'm also honest with myself, as well, and me having a love for the game and me being able to be available to my teammates is more important than anything."