Kemba Walker's leadership helps Celtics end three-game losing streak


Kemba Walker's leadership helps Celtics end three-game losing streak

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens gave credit to Kemba Walker for leading his team to a win over the Indiana Pacers on Friday night. The Celtics, who entered the game on a three-game losing streak, found themselves trailing 18-4 early on in the fourth quarter but managed to bounce back and win 118-112.

Celtics' top two stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown didn't enjoy a great night but starting guard Walker stepped up as he scored a game-high 32 points and also grabbed three rebounds and dished out six assists. "I don't think we win the game without his will," Celtics coach Brad Stevens said.

"I think that no matter how everyone is playing, when that thing was 18-4, he was the loudest voice. He willed us back into that thing. And now, we're back on our footing, [and] we have a little bit of confidence, which has been shot this week.

"But that's what really good players do. That's what veterans do. That's what guys that have been there, done that and done it for a long time do. So I really thought he led us tonight."

Walker didn't let his team quit

After falling down early against the Pacers, Walker encouraged his teammates to fight and it paid off as they escaped with a win.

"I try to bring that aspect to the game every night, my leadership," Walker said. "I try to use my voice as much as possible to keep my teammates up when things are not going well. "I know guys look to me in situations like that, and you know, just try to stay upbeat, just try to stay positive, and just bring that energy to the the team." The Celtics now own a 16-17 record and they sit at No.

5 on the Eastern Conference standings. "We'll figure it out," Walker said. "That's on me. That's on Jaylen. That's on Jayson. That's on Marcus. And then Tristan [Thompson] and Jeff are gonna add on to that, as well. That's on the veteran guys, as well as Brad, too.

We've got to keep it together. We can't let nobody go in any other direction. Even though things might not be going as well as we would like it at the moment, but things could change really fast, so the only way you can get out of struggles is by doing it together."

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