Nets' Kyrie Irving wants Kobe Bryant to be the NBA logo

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Nets' Kyrie Irving wants Kobe Bryant to be the NBA logo

Brooklyn Nets star guard absolutely wants the NBA to change the league's logo to Kobe Bryant. Bryant, a six-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

In February 2020, there was large movement to switch the NBA's Jerry West logo to one depicting Bryant. "Kobe Bryant. Logo. Yes. Needs to happen,'' Irving said, per TMZ. "I don't care what anybody says.

Black kings built the league." "It's exactly what I meant and it's exactly where I stand."

Irving insists a Bryant logo would 'push the culture forward'

''as a native Black man and a native Black king, I think it's part of my responsibility to push our culture forward," Irving said, before adding, "I think he deserves it.

I think his family deserves it." "I think we deserve it as seeing greatness personified as Mamba. And anyone that's coming into the league should know that that's the example that was set." The Lakers won the NBA Championship last season and their star Anthony Davis suggested the Purple and Gold were destined to win it all for Bryant.

“Ever since the tragedy happened we had a mindset that this is bigger than ourselves,'' Davis said. ''There were so many signs in the bubble that he was there with us. We had a different approach every time we had the jerseys on.

I think it was Game 5 against Portland, the score was 24-8. We had games in the season where there were signs on the scoreboard that Kobe was with us. Me, subconsciously yelling ‘Kobe’ when I made the shot (against the Nuggets).

“There’s just a lot of things that happened that we didn’t expect to happen. It just happened and it showed us it was destined for us to win a championship for him. That was our approach last year and it’s the same approach this year."

Meanwhile, the Nets are on an eight-game winning streak after much improving their effort on the defensive end of the floor. "It is scary out there when other teams are doing their best to stay in the game defensively and we continue to compound more offensive execution," Irving said.

"We know that this doesn't happen often where you get a great collection of guys together that have been prominent guys in their roles on their respective teams and you've got guys coming off the bench that are starters for other teams."