Lakers' Markieff Morris: Jazz beat us badly but it'll be different story in playoffs

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Lakers' Markieff Morris: Jazz beat us badly but it'll be different story in playoffs

The Utah Jazz demolished the Los Angeles Lakers 114-89 on Wednesday night to push their streak of consecutive wins at home to 15 but Lakers forward Markieff Morris believes it will be a different story come playoff time.

The Jazz, who own 26 wins and only six losses, have the best record in the NBA, while the Lakers sit at the third place of the Western Conference with a 22-11 record. "They're playing like the best team in the league right now," Lakers coach Frank Vogel said of Utah, which shot 22-for-48 from 3 in the rout, per ESPN.

The Jazz demolished the Lakers but it should be noted that the Lakers were missing their star big man Anthony Davis, who will be out for several weeks. "[I] think early on we won with talent a lot and we got a lot of role players that know their roles.

Now with those guys out -- with AD out, in particular -- we need guys to do different things," Morris said after finishing with season highs in points (12) and rebounds (9). "This is new for all of us. But we need it.

If you ask me, we need it. Because you never know with injuries. You never know in the playoffs. You never know. We need these challenging times to really find who we really are."

Morris admits mentally it's becoming a bit tough

The Lakers, who won the NBA Championship last season, underwent a number of roster changes for this season and they are currently on a four-game losing streak.

"This is the most basketball that I've ever played in my life -- this season and last season combined," Morris said. "It's an unbelievable amount of basketball that we all are playing. Mentally it gets draining.

Especially when you lose." Morris admits the Lakers are having a rough street but he is confident everything will work out. "It's not supposed to click right away," Morris said. "It's supposed to take time.

It's supposed to challenge us. It's supposed to feel like our back is against the wall. And everybody needs that. It will bring out your true self when you got to fight when your back is against the wall when you lose a couple games.

It will bring out your true self." The Jazz are also aiming to win it all this season. "We see the Jazz, we know they beat our ass tonight," Morris said. "But in the playoffs it's a different story."