Timberwolwes explain decision to hire Chris Finch as new head coach

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Timberwolwes explain decision to hire Chris Finch as new head coach

The Minnesota Timberwolwes have explained their decision to hire Chris Finch as their new head coach as they were intrigued by the experience Finch has. Following a 103-99 loss to the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, the Timberwolwes fired Ryan Saunders.

"The things that he's done coaching all around the world at different levels, those experiences, I think, are very relevant to our current game," Timberwolwes president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas said, as quoted on ESPN.

"We play a very international game in the NBA, and the experience that Chris has, the perspective that he has, the time that he's been a head coach outside of the NBA, an assistant in the NBA as well, I think those perspectives, those expertise are really important for our organization on both sides of the floor."

Finch has a lot of work to do

The Timberwolwes currently have only seven wins and 24 losses -- which is the worst record in the NBA. "I would like to be judged by wins and losses. That's what it's about," Finch said.

"This is about winning, and hopefully we can stack some wins on top of each other. Beyond that, we want to see the growth of our young players, and we want to develop an identity. I think if we can accomplish all three, that's a home run, if we get two out of three, I think that's a great step forward."

Finch will have to quikcly get to know his players and try to build a chemistry and win some games. "This is a less than ideal situation for a coach, and we don't have a summer, we don't have a preseason," Finch said.

"We've got a back-to-back, but that's life in some of the leagues that I've coached in, and those challenges have really sharpened my resolve and my ability to be prepared, and I'm taking that as a big challenge right now and we'll figure out as we go forward.

We'll figure out slowly the tweaks we need to make." Finch acknowledged that the team's current record is disappointing but he hopes to bring some positivity into the team. "I think we can breathe some confidence back into the roster and these guys can maybe find some joy," Finch said.

"It's hard when you're losing. It's a hard league to win in. It's very close, but we're not a million miles away."