Pelicans' Brandon Ingram: I saw Chris Paul take control of the basketball game

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Pelicans' Brandon Ingram: I saw Chris Paul take control of the basketball game

The New Orleans Pelicans suffered a major collapse in the fourth quarter against the Phoenix Suns and Pelicans star Brandon Ingram gave credit to Suns guard Chris Paul for leading his team to a comeback. The Pelicans entered the fourth quarter with an 11-point lead but then lost the fourth quarter 41-12 and ended up losing the game 132-114.

Pelicans forward Ingram scored a game-high 25 points but it wasn't enough to help his team beat the Suns. "I saw Chris Paul take control of the basketball game," Ingram said, per ESPN. On the other side, Suns guard Devin Booker scored a team-high 23 points.

"Man is orchestrating out there. He knows what's going on on the floor before it even happens," Booker said of Paul. "With him, the game is never out of reach. The game is never over until the horn sounds. He did a good job of leading us, keeping our composure throughout the whole game.'


Booker drops more praise on Paul

Paul finished the game with 15 points and with 19 assists. "In that fourth quarter, it's a work of art. The way he was picking apart their defense and making plays for others and at the same time scoring when he had to,'' Booker added.

Paul, who spent his first six season in the NBA in New Orleans, acknowledged that it was a familiar place to him. "I said, 'I know this place, I know this place,'" Paul said. "I know it. I do. I spent some of the best years of my life was playing here in New Orleans."

Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball also had a good performance as he scored 21 points and had 12 rebounds. "Just being in the game, I think us not getting stops kind of demoralized on the offensive end," Ball said. "Seeing them hit 3s back-to-back-to-back, we weren't getting any ball movement or good shots over the course of the fourth quarter.

It just got worse and worse." The Pelicans are one of the youngest teams in the NBA but their coach Stan Van Gundy didn't want to try to find excuses after the loss. "A lot of teams in this league have quarters like that," Van Gundy said.

"I'll never throw the young card out there. We're a basketball team with really talented people, and we didn't get the job done in the fourth quarter. "They were hitting us with haymakers at the end, then it just snowballed.' '