76ers' Tobias Harris gives Joel Embiid recognition after 50-point performance

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76ers' Tobias Harris gives Joel Embiid recognition after 50-point performance

Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris said that he will one day tell his kids that he played alongside Joel Embiid. On Friday night, Embiid dropped a career-high of 50 points to help the Sixers beat the Chicago Bulls 112-105.

Harris was also a notable factor in the Sixers' win as he scored 22 points. "I'll tell my kids one day I played with Joel Embiid," Harris said after the game, per ESPN. "When they'll ask me who is the best player I ever played with, I'll say Joel Embiid.

It's an honor to be out there with him on the floor." Embiid also had 17 rebounds, five assists two steals and four blocks in a win over the Bulls. "It just feels like the game has slowed down for me," Embiid said when asked why he has been so dominant in a season in which he's now averaging a career-high 30.5 points to go with 11 rebounds and 3.5 assists.

"I'll say the only difference this year from last year is not so much about coaching; it's more about me being willing to just dominate every single minute I'm on the floor. Last year, I was going through a rough time; it was just not there.

And then also the moves that [new Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey] made, adding all that shooting, is also helping a lot. "But like I said, it's not about coaching, it's about me turning a corner and being willing to do it every single night on defense and on offense."

Embiid has been unguardable this season

Embiid has been averaging 29.7 points and 10.8 rebounds this season and he is one early favorites for the NBA MVP award. The Sixers own a 20-10 record and they sit at No. 1 spot of the Eastern Conference standings.

"That's what makes me unguardable," Embiid said of his diverse offensive skills. "If you're going to crowd me, I'm going to find my way to the free throw line or I'm going to end up at the basket.

If you back up on me, I've got the hesi -- that hesitation shot -- and my favorite, just pull-up shot. [That's] just an easy shot I always get in the post. "So it's hard [to stop me] when you've got that much.

And also off the dribble just dribbling the ball and just making things happen. I've been adding a lot to my game, and it's been working well."