Rockets' John Wall 'moving past' Wizards trade

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Rockets' John Wall 'moving past' Wizards trade

Houston Rockets guard John Wall insists that he is moving past the trade from the Washington Wizards and that he is now focused on helping his current team win. Wall, who was selected by the Wizards at No. 1 in the 2010 NBA draft, was traded from Washington just before the season started.

On Monday, Wall scored 29 points and had 11 assits in his return to Washington but the Rockets lost 131-119. "I think I spoke on it with The Athletic what I wanted to get off my chest and let the past be the past," Wall said following Monday's 131-119 loss to the Wizards, per ESPN..

"Other than that, I'm not really talking about being with the Wizards or anything anymore. "I have great things I did that I want to continue to do and remember I did, from being with Miyah [a 6-year-old girl Wall befriended who died of cancer in 2015], Bright Beginnings, my adopted school of Ketcham Elementary.

The fifth-graders know I have an agreement with them I want to keep going," he said. "I won the [NBA] Community Assist Award helping D.C. "Those are the things I'll continue to talk about, but anything with the Wizards or how the trade went down or anything like that, that article was the last time I'm gonna speak on it.

I'm past that and moving forward with my new franchise."

Wall admitted getting out of Washington wasn't easy

During the first time out of the game, the Wizards showed a tribute video for Wall. Wall never managed to help the Wizards win an NBA Championship but he gave his best to help team win games.

"It was difficult. I played for the fans; I played for the city," Wall said. "I'm an emotional and passionate person. I've been for 10 years. I wanted to see those guys and see them here to support me. "It was definitely difficult also wanting to have my first game back in D.C.

having my mom in the stands," Wall said of his late mother, Frances Pulley. "She's been there with me for everything, and knowing she's not here was difficult. She'd probably been in row 10, section G -- or the front row, if she was feeling healthy.

I didn't have the opportunity to have that, but I know she's watching down on me and very proud of me on the comeback I had. But it would've been dope to see her there."