Stephen Curry on being back into MVP chatter: Game speaks for itself

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Stephen Curry on being back into MVP chatter: Game speaks for itself

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry is once again in the MVP conversation and he simply said that the game speaks for itself. Curry, who has won three NBA titles with the Warriors, won back-to-back NBA MVP awards in 2015 and 2016.

Over his last eight games, Curry ihas been averaging 35.3 points per game and shooting 53-of-101 from beyond the arc. "The game speaks for itself," Curry said, per ESPN.. "Those two [MVP] years is the exact same kind of conversation.

Obviously, that's an amazing accomplishment, and being in that conversation with all that we've been through these last two years, that means something. Those narratives make themselves as you go throughout the season, and my job is obviously just be at the level that I expect to be, and usually that means you're at the top at the end of the season.

"I really try not to get distracted by that because it kind of taints the moment. And really right now, if I'm doing my job, then I'll be there at the end of the season, and that will take care of itself."

Curry scored 40 points against Orlando Magic

On Thursday, Curry dropped 40 points on the Magic as the Warriors won 111-105. "It is routine, which is the crazy part of it," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of Curry's latest offensive outburst.

"You just come to expect it. And these 3s that he hits when there's just nothing there offensively and he just uses his dribble to free himself up, not exactly with a ton of space, just a few inches of space, and then he rises up and you expect every single one of them to go in.

It's kind of crazy. He's in a really good groove." Curry is having a monstrous season but the Warriors are only 14-12. "It always has and it always will," Curry said, "You can always make judgments based on what you value and what you see and numbers and wins and losses and the eye test and all that type of stuff.

It's kind of what makes the beauty of that award in general because everybody has a different take on what it means. Sometimes the goalposts do change, though, for sure. So it's just a matter of doing my job, and if that means people want to put me in that conversation or any of the other guys, then that's amazing. If not, it's not going to change how I approach the game."