Hawks' Trae Young fuming at refs after critical non-call in loss to Mavericks

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Hawks' Trae Young fuming at refs after critical non-call in loss to Mavericks

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young wasn't happy with a criticial non-call on the final play and moments after the game he went to referee Josh Tiven to protest. With 4.7 seconds left to play in the game, Young got knocked down to the floor after setting a screen on Dallas Mavericks center Willie Cauley-Stein and that prevented him from getting the ball.

Hawks' Danilo Galinari shot the final shot and he missed as the Mavericks won 118-117. "I'm not going to run away from the ball with four seconds left and we're trying to win the game," Young said, per ESPN.

"I'm not going to fall just to fall at the end. That's just the most frustrating part. Not really having an opportunity to make a play at the end is just really frustrating." Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce thought that the fould should have been called on the final play.

"Really unfortunate that it ended that way," Pierce said. "It was a perfect screen. Willie Cauley-Stein ran Trae over, and that's a foul. It's a foul. It's why Trae was on the floor. It blows up our play.

It's unfortunate. I thought our guys really competed. Trae was fouled. He falls on the floor. He gets hit in the nose. He set a great screen. I give him credit; he set a great screen. We tried to execute, and he did."

Cauley-Stein insists no foul on Young

"I ain't even see Trae," Cauley-Stein.

"He's a smart kid. He was trying to get a quick, little foul to shoot free throws and ice the game. No way they was going to give him that call for the game. Good try, though. That was smooth. It was sneaky." But Young was sure that he was fould by Cauley-Stein.

"Obviously, with him saying he didn't see me [and] running me over, that's a good screen," Young said. "I set a good screen. Like he said, he didn't see me. He turned around and ran right into me. If Dorian [Finney-Smith] wasn't there, I would have fallen straight back, but he was there and kind of like was using his hands a little bit, so I kind of fell sideways.

That's kind of what happened. "He just turned around and didn't see me, and I was there and he ran into me. As I was on the ground, the ref was looking right at me. Didn't say nothing and didn't call anything."