Warriors' Klay Thompson: Missing second consecutive season is killing me

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Warriors' Klay Thompson: Missing second consecutive season is killing me

Golden State Warriors star guard Klay Thompsom has acknowledged that being out for the season is "killing him." Thompson, who was a big part in the Warriors' trip to five consecutive NBA Finals between 2015 and 2019, is missing his second consecutive season.

After missing all of last season due to an injury, Thompson returned to the Warriors for the training camp but then suffered an Achilles tear on November 18. The Warriors feared the worst and their fears became reality after the tests revealed that Thompson would be forced to miss the entire season.

Thompson is disappointed that he is not able to play this year but he has noted that his recovery is going well and that he plans to play for many years. "I'm living good," Thompson told NBC Bay Area during the Warriors' game against the Detroit Pistons Saturday night.

"To be back in the building that I'm so eagerly awaiting to play in. Just a little bored at times. Stuff's slow with trying to let my Achilles heal and get to the next stage, which is mobility work, but I'm feeling good.

I'm happy to be with my teammates, obviously. "Unfortunately, I'm not playing. It kills me every day, but I plan on playing for a long time, and I don't want to have any mishaps come this rehab."

Thompson finally spoke with the media

Thompson was extremely saddened and disappointed by his recent major injury and the interview he did on Saturday was his first since suffering an Achilles tear.

"I didn't want to do it, but then I saw this backdrop and someone went through great lengths to make that happen," Thompson explained as the backdrop with the hashtag #reporterKlay was on display behind him.

"So I felt bad not fulfilling my end of the deal." In October 2018, Thompson hit 14 three pointers against the Chicago Bulls. "That's probably going to be broken here in the next few years," Thompson said.

"Steph Curry -- it's up to Steph. Zach LaVine was close. But I might break it again, I don't know. I don't think that's going to last that long." Meanwhile, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was happy to see Thompson do an interview.

"He's always very entertaining with his dry wit," Kerr said of Thompson. "So when I watch the tape of the game, I will definitely have the volume up."