Nets post franchise record for points scored in regulation game in win over Thunder

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Nets post franchise record for points scored in regulation game in win over Thunder

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash was extremely satisfied with the way his team performed against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night. The Nets -- led by Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving -- led the Nets to franchise record for points in a regulation game as Brooklyn beat the Thunder 147-125.

"We're getting there. ... We're slowly inching forward on both ends of the floor," coach Nash said, per ESPN. "We struggled defensively at times, but we're getting more solid with our game plan defensively.

Offensively, you're starting to see a little more flow. You're seeing James [Harden] able to manage the game like that and manipulate the defense." The Durant, Harden and Irving era in Brooklyn got off to a rocky start as they lost back-to-back games to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the Nets have won four consecutive games since then. "We're catching a rhythm, obviously, offensively," Harden said. "But defensively as well. We're learning our strengths and our weakness and things we can get better at."

The Nets still need to improve defense

The Nets easily beat the Thunder but surrendering 125 points wasn't a good thing. "There's a familiarity growing, on both ends of the floor. [But] we've got a long way to go defensively," Nash said.

"It's not our forte or strong suit, but we've got to be clean with our game plan and talking and participating in our actions." Irving, who has one NBA Championship in his collection, has noted that he isn't taking this chance for granted as he is locked in on helping the Nets win it all this season.

"I'm always gonna say I won't take any day for granted. This doesn't happen often in history where you have this group together at this point," Irving said. "Some of the guys were starters on their respective teams last year; some of the guys are MVP candidates.

And to have all of that collective talent and not get the most of it, we'd be doing ourselves a disservice. So we just want to continue to push each other and hold each other accountable." Irving was satisfied with the win over the Thunder but also happy with the way the Nets performed as a group.

"It's very satisfying anytime you get a win, but anytime the whole team plays well and you do some great things as a collective group, it definitely stands out of the rest," Irving said.