Warriors rookie James Wiseman posts career-high off bench against Timberwolves

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Warriors rookie James Wiseman posts career-high off bench against Timberwolves

Golden State Warriors center James Wiseman delivered a big performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night but no one on his team.was surprised to see that. Wiseman scored a career-high 25 points as the Warriors beat the Timberwolves 123-111 on their home floor.

"I've said it many times," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explained during a postgame video conference with reporters, "he's not only talented, but he's got a great head on his shoulders. The way he handled everything the last couple of days, moving to the bench, the way he responded to the media questions.

The way he responded in practice; he had a great practice [Tuesday]. So this is a young guy who is very mature and wants to win and competes and works his butt off, so it's pretty exciting."

Wiseman showed his character

A game earlier, Wiseman was pulled out of the starting lineup.

On Wednesday, Wiseman responded in a great fashion and dominated the game off the bench. "Picture yourself at 19," Kerr said. "I've tried to picture myself at 19 putting up with everything that he's had to put up with.

It's remarkable. This is a man's league, and you come in with almost zero experience. Three college games, [playing in] a pandemic, nine months of individual workouts and no training camp. It's really stunning how quickly he is picking up things.

Again, it's a sign not only of his athletic gifts but, more importantly, his brain, his intelligence, his wisdom beyond his years. It's remarkable to see." Wiseman admitted that he is now more motivated when he is coming off the bench and gave credit to veteran Kevon Looney for helping him in his development.

"I'm more effective because I'm just studying Loon and how he can be able to guard the defense," Wiseman said. "And just trying to figure out the different coverages, so it's really helping me out a lot.

So most definitely coming off the bench is something that's very effective so far." The Timberwolves had the top pick in this past NBA draft but didn't select Wiseman. Instead, the Warriors took Wiseman at No.

2. You could say that," Wiseman said, when asked if there was a little extra motivation against the Timberwolves. "But I was just focused on the coaches' game plan and just trying to win this game. I really wasn't worried about that factor, but I'll be motivated each game just trying to get better, just trying to be the best I can be out there."