Suns' Chris Paul 'frustrated' after third consecutive loss

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Suns' Chris Paul 'frustrated' after third consecutive loss

Phoenix Suns star guard Chris Paul voiced his frustration after his team dropped a third straight game as he acknowledged that his team isn't playing well enough after losing at home to the Oklahoma City Thunder. On Wednesday night in Arizona, the Suns hosted the Thunder and entered the game as the favorites but the visitors claimed a shock 102-97 win.

Before the Thunder game, the Suns lost back-to-back games -- both in overtime to the Denver Nuggets. "We're not ..." Paul started, pausing briefly, "playing well enough right now. I'm not going to say we're not good enough, but we're not playing well enough right now."

The Suns performed well in each of their two home games against the Nuggets but failed to deliver when it mattered and as a result ended up losing two games in overtime. Suns head coach Monty Williams acknowledged that his team has got to be more consisted and find better ways to close out games.

"Until this team understands consistency for four quarters, we're going to feel like this a lot," Williams said. "We can try to get everybody to feel sorry for us. It ain't going to work. We've got to be consistent.

This is on us."

Like Paul, Suns coach Williams was frustrated too

The Suns were on the verge of a victory but the Thunder finished the game on a 11-2 run to overturn a 95-91 deficit and win 102-97. "Down the stretch, we had an unbelievably poor finish," Williams said.

"We have open shots, missing shots under the basket. It's just poor. Poor execution and poor finishing. That's it. "At some point, you just have to finish out games and understand what it takes to be a really good team is consistency," Williams said.

"Period. That's the deal." Coach Williams was so frustrated with his team being inconsistent and that was evident. "Whatever you ask me, I'm going to say 'consistency,'" Williams said. "That's it."

Paul, who has been one of the better guard in the league over last decade and a half, underlined that you have got to respect everybody in the NBA. "We play in spurts," Paul said. "We've gotta respect who we're playing against.

Every night. Respect the opponent. They get paid just like we do." The Suns host next the Golden State Warriors. "I'm just trying to figure out how we can win," Paul said. "Because the losing stuff gets old."