Rockets' John Wall, Wizards' Russell Westbrook get into heated trash talk

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Rockets' John Wall, Wizards' Russell Westbrook get into heated trash talk

Houston Rockets guard John Wall and Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook started trash talking each other in the fourth quarter and it resulted in a double technical. Just before the season started, the Rockets and the Wizards swapped their guards as Wall was sent to Houston and Westbrook ended up in Washington.

Wall scored 24 points and had five assists as the Rockets easily beat the Rockets 107-88. "That's what two competitive guys do," Wall said of the trash talk, per ESPN.. "Russ been kicking my ass for years.

This is only my third win against Russ, I think, since I've been in the league. So that means that he's a hell of a talent. "I know he's going through injuries, same as I was, and we're just trying to keep getting better, trying to lead our teams.

But (it was) just two competitive guys trash talking. This ain't the first time we trash talked before, and we know how good that he can be."

Wall reportedly started trash talking Westbrook

Westbrook finished the game with 19 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists but it wasn't enough for the Wizards.

"Now listen, I don't start talking s---," Westbrook said. "I defend myself because I don't just allow people to say just anything, especially when I know the facts as it pertains to anybody on the court playing against (me).

So, I think (Wall and DeMarcus Cousins) just started talking s--- because they just started to win, started winning at that time. So, you know, it's cool, though. We play them again." Wall suggested that the Wizards gave up on him so that's the reason why he requested a trade out of Washington.

"I just feel like the organization thought I was done, no matter how much hard work I put in over the summer," Wall said during a postgame interview on the Rockets' television broadcast. "They came and watched me.

I thought they thought I was done. That's why I came out here and did what I did." Meanwhile, Rockets center DeMarcus wasn't surprised at all by Wall's performance. "I've known this guy (Wall) for a long time," said Cousins, who had 19 points and 11 rebounds.

"I've seen his approach to big games and games that have some type of importance to him. I've seen him perform every time at a high level, so I didn't expect anything less."