Clippers HC Tyronn Lue on Kobe Bryant's death: Still to this day, just toughj

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Clippers HC Tyronn Lue on Kobe Bryant's death: Still to this day, just toughj

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue has admitted that he is still getting a tough time with Kobe Bryant's death, Bryant, a five-time NBA champion with the Lakers, tragically lost his life on January 26 after a helicopter that crashed killed him and his daughter Gianna.

Lue, a former teammate of Bryant, had a tough time after the death and he is still having had time with Bryant's death.. "Just being able to try to get past it," Lue said, per ESPN. "I don't really deal with death well.

I always try to forget about it. It is just something that is tough for me, especially [with] someone I was so close to... I took down all the pictures in my room, in my house, I don't have them in my office." The Clippers asked Lue if he wanted to decorate his room with a picture of himself and Bryant and Lue potitely said "no."

"I got to get over it because [he's] such a great guy, great person, you want to be able to celebrate him," Lue said. "You want people to come in your office and say, 'Oh man, how was it with Kobe?' You want them to ask those questions so he can continue to live on, which he is going to do."

Lue was preparing for the Magic game when Bryant died

"I turned the TV on and it was all over the news stations and it just kind of had the fire, the fumes, just showing pictures of that [helicopter crash]," Lue said.

"And on TMZ Sports, they were talking about it and I just broke down. It was hard, to fathom that, hard to see it." "Still to this day, just tough," Lue said. "When you look and just watch clips when they are showing stuff from old games or commercials, it is just tough for me to see."

Lue reveals Clippers superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George ask him details about Bryant's game and mindset. "They always want to know how Kobe was, what he did, how he worked, how would Kobe react to this," Lue said.

"They always ask those questions all the time. They just want to know so much about him. It's tough sometimes talking about it but it's good that those guys respect him and look up to what Kobe has done as a player, a person and a businessman."