Klay Thompson Might Have Stayed with Warriors, Suggests Paul George

"Insight into Warriors' Intricate Trade Efforts

by Nouman Rasool
Klay Thompson Might Have Stayed with Warriors, Suggests Paul George
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Near the end of Paul George's time with the Los Angeles Clippers, around 2024 free agency on NBA trade deadline day a substantial deal was had between them and Golden State Warriors involving these teams. The revelation of the failed trade came via George himself on his "Podcast P with Paul George," perhaps shedding light into how close a move once appeared.

It sounds like those talks to send him to the Warriors with George were not only real but pretty far along, according to George. George shared, "That was the deal that was close to being done from what I understand." The Warriors conveyed that they would need to swap Thompson in order to acquire George, but as it turns out, not only could the he have been dealt without having any say on what happened next over his future destination.

Complex Trade Talks Revealed

George elaborated on the unknown players included in a potential trade package, such as Brandin Podziemski and maybe Jonathan Kuminga - two names that were mentioned by George among others like Andrew Wiggins for consumption and also even once again floated before all of us this time along with added emphasis was Kevon Looney.

He added, "They didn't have any of the means or what package was going to be there [to trade for me]." It goes to show how tricky those talks tended to get. The presence of a rumored star-studded lineup with the Golden State Warriors was tantalizing for George as he pondered staying on West Coast and close to his California home, calling Curry "a unicorn" when tapping it up next to Joel Embiid in Philadelphia.

The deal never took place despite his excitement. I feel like the Clippers wanted some trade that maybe the Warriors were willing to give and yeah, it just didn't happen but... close enough. It’d been dope, man. "I was really looking forward to it, if that happened," he said.

In the end, George signed a max contract with Philadelphia giving them their big 3 of Embiid and Tyrese Maxey as immediate favorites to win in East while Boston still was unable to overcome. At the same time, Thompson landed a sign-and-trade to the Dallas Mavericks-a transition point in his career as well as their roster when it came to size.

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