Stephen Curry Announces Future with Warriors Post-Klay Thompson

Steph Curry confirms his commitment to the Warriors.

by Nouman Rasool
Stephen Curry Announces Future with Warriors Post-Klay Thompson
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Klay Thompson's exit from the Golden State Warriors recently indicated not only an era came to a close but how it affects its loyal supporters and players who share with his legacy. Some are feeling it more than others, like Steph Curry who flat out said he was emotional when talking about his former teammate leaving for the Dallas Mavericks.

Curry offered a heartfelt message in response, acknowledging Thompson's departure and the challenge that comes with such changes. When asked, Curry confessed the obvious reflection on their splash brothers era has been a difficult one.

He stated that he wished their incredible careers could have finished in Golden State, highlighting the close connection they both had on and off the court. But since the departure of Thompson, Curry has consistently said that he wants to stay with Golden State.

He talked about how rare and special it is for a player to spend his entire career with only one team something he still sounds set on doing. "And I know it's really hard to do that," Curry added, via Kendra Andrews of ESPN.

Curry's Future Vision

Curry is just caring in a way that transcends personal goals. [Paul] He talked about mentioning to Lacob that his vision for the Warriors included staying in championship contention as he reached life benchmarks, such as going on high school visits with him daughter around San Francisco.

"Off the record, I would love to be selfish and say that we can compete we've got a chance!" he said jokingly while playfully grabbing his now-graying hair. Curry confirmed his continued commitment to the area, saying "The Bay is home and I never want that to change." The statement gives Dub Nation hope, a bit of sunshine in the darkness that was Thompson leaving.

Rest assured, where Thompson have had to part with the Warriors for greener pastures in years gone by Curry stay put means that Golden State's heart beats long into this season and beyond.

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