LeBron James Joins Team USA with Wife Savannah's Blessing

LeBron to play in Olympics with wife's nod.

by Nouman Rasool
LeBron James Joins Team USA with Wife Savannah's Blessing
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LeBron James to Play in 2024 Olympic Games, Thanks Savannah God, According to ESPN's Tim Bontemps, LeBron made up his mind but wanted the rubber stamp from Savannah before officially pulling the trigger. "LeBron James said once he got clearance from his wife to give up his summer to play for Team USA, he was all in on the experience." This is not surprising of LeBron at all committed to the Olympics.

During the year, when LeBron is playing basketball it often keep Savannah home with their children so she cherishes time of this length because for what has had to be a total down moment as during most NBA offseason. With Savannah backing him all the way, he probably has little choice but to say yes to France if she tells him that's what they've got in store even at the expense of their time together.

And all the while, Savannah has remained LeBron's loyal rock throughout his 21 NBA seasons. Rather than pressuring him to retire and spend more time with the family at home like many athlete wives would in their late 30s, Savannah has essentially told LeBron he should keep playing while still able.

His mother makes this all possible, freeing him to play at his top form without any hesitancy.

LeBron's Olympic Quest

The longing to watch LeBron rock the Team USA jersey once more is downright unbearable, especially since that last time he did so in 2012 at the Olympics...

and the team won gold. This could be LeBron's third gold medal win, a great thing for fans and supporters. While supporting LeBron, Savannah has also garnered some media attention for herself. She recently launched her show, Everybody's Crazy podcast.

Savannah Reveals How She Met LeBron on the Inaugural Episode "That was so, like, 10 years ago, and we kind of want to be a little more intentional about things, the next phase of life looks," she added. Another proof that the date talks never really stopped a reminder of an agreement between two people not wanting to part, trying desperately to keep their relationship lively and young-sounding.

We should date, right? Keeping the romance alive Savannah stressed. Savannah said, reflecting on their 10-year relationship before marriage,Savanna continues, with a word fit for Hallmark card copy: Here was our safety net and here is the intentionality of us.

"Even the idea of being boyfriend and girlfriend it's the commitment that really makes everything," she said. "When you aren't married, I think whatever you call it is just so much more special."

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