Stephen Curry on Klay Thompson's Exit: 'It Still Hasn't Sunk In'

Klay Thompson joins the Dallas Mavericks, ending an era

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Curry on Klay Thompson's Exit: 'It Still Hasn't Sunk In'
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Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors are officially done, and he has signed with the Dallas Mavericks. This absence has greatly been felt among the former teammates, with some of them, such as Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, expressing their feelings about Thompson’s missing.

"Not having Klay still hasn't really sunk in... We've been doing it for 13 years together... I have this idea that in October [he'll come back]... I know that's not happening," Curry noted. Curry and Thompson have been teammates since 2011, and the combination of these two guards, nicknamed 'Splash Brothers,' has made history with new records in 3-point shooting.

Together, they accumulated over 600 3-pointers, a record they set in the 2015-16 season shooting an incredible 678. Combined on the basketball court, they won the Warriors four NBA championships during their 13 seasons.

Shocking Departure Explained

Thompson's shocking resignation from the Warriors was something that many could not predict.

It turned into a spectacle when they halted their support for the team on the Instagram account, implying a change as the negotiations were also unstable. According to the interview with NBA. Com, Stephen Curry tried to explain the aspect of the split and stated that, indeed, it was the best solution since conflict was inevitable.

"That's what it came down to: he was in need of a change. It wasn't a situation where I needed to convince him to stay," Curry said, "I knew what he meant to our organization. It was just one of those situations where you have to trust he's making the right decision for himself." "At the end of the day I want him to be happy.

He deserves to enjoy playing basketball however long he wants to play." Curry said, "It just [stinks] that it won't be with us."

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