Bronny James Debuts with Lakers at Summer League

Bronny James faces early challenges in NBA debut

by Zain ul Abedin
Bronny James Debuts with Lakers at Summer League
© Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Bronny James, the Lakers' second-round pick in the recent draft, made his NBA debut during a summer league fixture against the Sacramento Kings. A long-awaiting start of such cooperation was a game held in San Francisco, home to the Golden State Warriors, in James’s relatively young but already quite impressive basketball career.

At the start of the game, Bronny James aroused attention; however, his first turn on the floor can be considered as controversial. Within the first six minutes of the game, he gets distracted and his shots miss by a couple of inches on a couple of occasions, including a 21-foot jumper and a 26-foot three-pointer.

Despite this harassing start, James was able to grab a defensive rebound, and there was a clear indication of his all-around ability on that floor.

Bronny's Challenging Quarter

Then, in the second quarter, the fans being fans, there were many who cheered when Bronny James returned to the arena.

His gameplay remained the same and still was volatile: he was called for a foul while performing a three-point shoot and the antagonist was Xavier Sneed from Sacramento Kings. The decision, though was reversed on appeal, to the relief of Bronny James and the Lakers faithful.

But shooting was still an issue for him as he air-balled a three-pointer from the top of the arc. The climax of Bronny James' first game was realised a few minutes to the first half when he made his first unofficial points for the NBA.

This came on a skillful driving layup; this moment, of course, woke up the spirit of the crowd but also appeared to have built his confidence on the court. Bronny James' play and performance is just the initial step to the NBA summer leagues.

He is also going to stay and play in the California Classic with rookies, free agents, and longshots. The team will then fly to Las Vegas, where they will have other games, hence giving James more exposure to the professional-level games.