LeBron Plans to Dominate Lakers as Bronny Joins, Insider Says

NBA eyes growth, considers new franchise in Las Vegas

by Zain ul Abedin
LeBron Plans to Dominate Lakers as Bronny Joins, Insider Says
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After Bronny James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems that LeBron James plans to make a massive change in his career in just one week. Bronny, a young rookie, was the first player to be drafted into the NBA recently with the code 55, which made it possible for him and his father to play in the NBA as teammates in the 2024-25 season.

In such emerging trends, LeBron has been said to have signed a fresh $104 million contract for the next two years, making him remain with Lakers. But even during the night of jubilation, LeBron seems to planning the next big career milestone that he is set to achieve.

LeBron James wants to be the King of a New NBA Team in Las Vegas LeBron James, as revealed by ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A Smith, filling in by NBA insider Brian Windhorst. "What is the next thing that he wants? What has he made clear that is after playing with his son? He wants to be the owner of the coming expansion team in Las Vegas," Windhorst concluded.

Vegas Expansion Uncertain

This revelation comes at a time when the NBA is showing a growing interest in developing what commissioner Adam Silver described last year as the league’s thirty-first franchise in Las Vegas.

The timeline to achieve this expansion is nevertheless unclear and speculative; Windhorst indicates it may still be another two years down the line based on the TV rights and other league matters. LeBron’s desire to someday become an owner is not merely a fantasy for him but a clever strategy for creating a long-term stake in basketball.

Still, LeBron, even as he is already a veteran in the NBA, still plays at an elite level. In the last season, they have played 71 games, which is possibly the maximum number of games since his initial days with the lakers, and has maintained some stellar performance averages, including 26 points and about 7 to 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

Athletically and tactfully, this proclamation may indicate that LeBron is not ready to hang his boots in the near future. "His son just signed a four-year contract. You know, his son's not going year to year," Windhorst continued.

"So LeBron has very clearly laid out with his words and actions what his checklist is." This is as he continues to support the Lakers but expresses dissatisfaction in some of the decisions made regarding the team occasionally.