NBA Icon's Surprise Cameo in Kendrick Lamar Video amid Drake Feud

DeMar DeRozan stands with Kendrick Lamar in latest video

by Zain ul Abedin
NBA Icon's Surprise Cameo in Kendrick Lamar Video amid Drake Feud
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On the never-ending rivalry between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, the recent release of this music video of "Not Like Us" from Lamar on Thursday is quite a step up. It can be described as the music video to Lamar’s diss track that he aimed at the Toronto-born rapper Drake.

The video’s drop was accompanied by a cameo by NBA basketball player DeMar DeRozan, one of the former Raptors and Bulls and currently a free agent. In general, the interaction of DeRozan with the show was the most touching when he was on the air, a rapper said words that referred to DeRozan.

As Lamar began to kneel beside a group of stacked boxes in a loading dock area, he said somberly, "I'm glad DeRoz came home. Y'all didn't deserve him neither" while scowling fiercely into the camera DeRozan. This lyric not only spoke about DeRozan leaving the city behind but also indirectly complained about the treatment of athletes in the city; a tweak at Drake, who is famously passionate about the Raptors, the team DeRozan left behind.

DeRozan's Compton Loyalty

The appearance of DeRozan did not negate a simple appearance in a music video. This happened only a few weeks after he accompanied Lamar during the "The Pop Out" show in LA in which the 17-time Grammy Award winner sang "Not Like Us." Joining his fellow NBA player Russell Westbrook, DeRozan’s performance with Lamar at the video set showed his loyalty toward Compton rapper against Drake although the Canadian musician was a longtime friend of DeRozan.

Drake and DeRozan had a bloody laud friendship while the latter was still a part of the Raptors franchise, and Drake even named DeRozan as "my dog" in his 2021 piece, "Lemon Pepper Freestyle." Nonetheless, DeRozan did not hesitate to side with Lamar when it came to this rather popular rap beef, which portrays an illustration of the close bond that both he and Lamar have due to their background.

This rivalry of Lamar and Drake actually began over a decade ago but escalated to what some people would call hate in 2013 when Lamar rapped directly about Drake on a song called "Like That," released in March this year.

In the past four months, these two artists have engaged in a musical battle, and many people said that Lamar is now in the dominant position because of the ironclad of his lyrical shots.