Draymond Green Speaks Candidly on Klay Thompson's Warriors Exit

Green discusses Thompson's move to Mavs.

by Nouman Rasool
Draymond Green Speaks Candidly on Klay Thompson's Warriors Exit
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During the 2023-24 NBA regular season, Klay Thompson and as such his place within Golden State Warriors went into a speculative manner. Both Rumours and expectations leaned towards his departure this upcoming NBA free agency.

After the Warriors signed Dampier, they had hoped to sign him long-term for big money and end his career with Golden State but ultimately talks left them without a deal. Subsequently, four-time NBA champion Klay Thompson commanded attention in free agency.

Several other teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, were in pursuit before he even announced his decision. But that choice ultimately saw him link up with the Dallas Mavericks, after penning a three-year deal. The chance to team up with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving makes this a trio that could have no peer in the Association.

Green Addresses Exit

In response to Thompsons' decision, former teammate Draymond Green didn't hold back on his podcast. “Everything comes, hopefully not all good things at some point or another for everyone everything has an end to it in that sense,” Green said acknowledging the situation may well have been an eventuality.

This tweet, save only for The Volume shows the sentiment people feel of Thompson leaving. With the Warriors embarking on long-term contracts with Stephen Curry and Green, they chose not to do so with Thompson. That may have had something to do with him choosing to start fresh in Dallas.

Well, there is only one question now reverberating throughout the NBA community. Could Klay Thompson lead Mavericks to title? Before Curry and Green can pile on more victories with the Warriors, will he be able to collect one additional tile as well? At least right now, the team currently being picked ahead of one in that duo for the next championship seems to be the Mavericks.

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