Josh Jacobs Sets High Expectations for Packers' Offense

Josh Jacobs sets high hopes for Packers' season

by Nouman Rasool
Josh Jacobs Sets High Expectations for Packers' Offense
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Seasoned running back Josh Jacobs, who recently signed with the Green Bay Packers, stopped by NFL Network to offer his lofty expectations for the team. Jacobs is excited as he heads into the season, and his excitement can be heard in his voice when talking about what this year's Packers offense could look like with quarterback Jordan Love at the helm.

"Sky (is the) limit in this offense," Jacobs boldly declared. He attributes that to the abilities Love possesses but also how well Oregon has been able to block up front and its talented crew of pass-catchers-ingredients for a potential record-setting season.

"With a guy like that. and then having Jordan Love, our o-line did great tonight for me so you know they made everything easy for us," he said. Jacobs also hinted at the team's plan for him, saying he was excited to have a different role in Green Bay.

"Just looking at the game plan and what they have me doing this year, we're ready for something," he said.

Josh Jacobs Joins Packers

Green Bay chose Jacobs after the team and their longtime RB Aaron Jones did not come to terms with a contract extension.

Making the case for why RB Josh Jacobs will be great in Green BayJosh Jacobs has lead LG NFL rushing with his tenure at the Las Vegas Raiders, he is expected to bring a new dynamic to what Rodgers and LaFleur are looking for on offense.

The Packers added Jacobs this offseason in hopes that he can revive the magic of his earlier days with the Raiders, and all will be watching to see how it translates when we get into game action. Packers management and fans alike are crossing their fingers that the Packers can ride Jacobs right into rare air few NFL teams have had a chance to visit.