Lakers' Offer to Klay Thompson Revealed

Klay Thompson's Free Agency Sparks NBA Frenzy

by Nouman Rasool
Lakers' Offer to Klay Thompson Revealed
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The NBA world is abuzz about the status of Klay Thompson's free agency and that it comes as such a major surprise. The four-time NBA Champion has officially parted ways with the team he started and ended his illustrious career on, essentially beginning a chase around half the league for one of the greatest shooters to ever live.

One of those front-runners was the Los Angeles Lakers, who had rolled out an offer to Thompson that would have paid him handsomely. Melissa Rohlin reported that sources near the team said "The Lakers were reportedly willing to offer a sizable deal for four years" over Twitter79ers on Thursday.

Although the Lakers extended a large deal, Los Angeles is not currently in position to contend from championships which certainly seemed to have factored into Thompson's thinking.

Magic Withdraw Early

A team like the Orlando Magic, who had been whispered about as a stealth suitor early in free agency given their enviable cap sheet and young talent including phenom Paolo Banchero, withdrew from consideration almost immediately.

Thompson, always the competitor and firebrand in his playing career, appears poised to get himself into championship contention right away a less likely option with Orlando's current roster. The Dallas Mavericks have become the most likely new home for Thompson as this drama has played out.

The Mavericks make some sense with ties to the team where Mychal Thompson once played and because of the appeal of playing alongside Luka Doncic, who is fresh off an NBA Finals trip. The chance to help Doncic win his first NBA championship would only sweeten the deal regarding Thompson's soon-to-be situation.

I guess that's a topic for another day and something the entire NBA community will be keeping an eye on as Thompson looks to potentially join Broski in Dallas. With Thompson's legacy on the bottle, his choice might change both his long-term prospects in addition to that of this league. Time will tell if this strategic move truly pushes the sharpshooter towards another championship.

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