Klay Thompson Leaves Warriors: Could the Lakers Be His Next Team?

Klay Thompson's departure from the Warriors seems imminent

by Zain ul Abedin
Klay Thompson Leaves Warriors: Could the Lakers Be His Next Team?
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That will be rather strange to see Klay Thompson in any colour other than the blue and gold of the Golden State Warriors. There are numerous sources that explain that not only the Warriors and Thompson are nowhere near signing a contract extension, which both sides have not discussed contracts in the last few weeks, and there is no offer on the floor.

The Warriors have gradually started looking at other moves regarding the rest of the roster but around Steph Curry, like in the failed deal for Paul George. The two parties have seemingly cool off, or at least one of them has.

Thus, the future of Thompson can be predicted. Currently, it is reported by The Athletic and some other sports outlets that all three teams, such as the Lakers, Clippers, and Mavericks, are interested in having Thompson on their side.

Last season for the ‘Cats, the 34-year-old guard scored an average of 17. Nine points per game on 38 percent shooting for the game. 7% from three-point range. Thompson cannot shoot the ball as offensively as he used to, and his defence has also not been the same but he would still be a great bench player.

Those teams are in search of experienced bench players who can deliver on the field, especially in playoffs. The Mavericks and Lakers, especially, are likely to have LeBron James become a free agent who can provide Thompson non-taxpayer mid-level exception, which is $12.

9 million. This figure is much lower than the market expectations stated by Thompson. It has been reportedly disclose that the Warriors management is willing to engage in the sign-and-trade scenario to give Thompson a better contract in exchange for better assets.

Trade Hurdles Loom

However, there is a significant hurdle for these teams: Using the mid-level exception or a sign-and-trade for Thompson will cap them at the first tax apron of $178.7 million. All three teams are expected to be above this otherwise.

Thompson has strong ties with Lakers; his father, Mychael Thompson, played for Lakers’ showtime team and won many championships for it. The possible Lakers trade partners are D’Angelo Russell ($18.7 million), a minimum Cam Reddish or Jaxson Hayes and a first-round draft pick.

To pull off this kind of deal, Thompson would have to be willing to accept a starting wage equivalent of the combined wages in this set-up. LeBron James is reported to be pressuring the Lakers management to acquire Thompson and him being ready to reduce his $16 million salary to make the signing happen.

If the Lakers do not match the MLE or make another roster change within a week, they are expected to provide LeBron with his max deal, which totals $162M spread across three years. LeBron envisage de parvenir à avoir son contrat signé avant d’aller au camp américain de basketball de USA Basketball à Las Vegas la semaine prochaine.

The Mavericks, on the other side, have developed the room to use the mid-level exception after the deal of Tim Hardaway Jr. known as the salary dump trade. Clippers offer is dependent with the outcome with the Paul George’s contract and the case of James Harden.

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